Hey there!

It’s friday night. Weekend. Friday and Saturday are off around here.

Previously I used to try to squeeze some extra productivity during weekends. I thought that it would make a huge difference if I work hard during the weekends. Well, people changes. So did I. I just got back to hostel after having Cappuccino at ‘Crimson Cup Coffee’. The place was great even though there was a bit of noise and many peoples. But the Cappuccino was great. :)

I had brother Irfan with me. He is an UX designer. We talked about some interesting stuffs. Irfan is doing a course on web design and development. He got scholarship. So he is doing it totally free for 3 months. I pinched him for sometimes for not telling me when he applied for the scholarship. I’m also interested in website stuffs. Particularly web-apps. We spoke about different javascript framework. We had a cute little debate about whether we should use django or flask of python instead of javascript. I was in favor of javascript. I already know python. I wanted to learn javascript because I think it’s worth learning something I’ve heard a million times even though it comes out to be not so useful. We also spoke about some successful startups and how we can start our own. We both agreed that we should build something like pathao(a ride sharing app). But we couldnt figure out what prople actually needs these days. We came to the conclusion that, behind every successful startup, there are peoples who deeply understood the consumer psychology.


As I was saying, the Cappuccino great. There is a picture of me adding sugar to Irfan coffee because he was so busy taking pictures of mine in HDR. ;)

The day went really well. I could have done some work staying till 9:00 PM at the library even today. But I think the time spent having a coffee with someone I admire is worth the productivity sacrifice. Maybe I’m not being 100% productive here. But it’s okay when you stop being overly concerned about being 100% productive.

The break is really important sometimes. I was sad during the evening for no particular reason. Coffee with Irfan surely cheered me up.

Ah, there is one thing I forgot to mention — we also spoke about marriage. One of our brother recently got married. One of my friend is trying to get married. Irfan asked me if I’m thinking about marriage. I replied with a huge laughter that I’m not. He told me that my father would be positive if I told him that I want to marry. But, the thruth is, I haven’t thought much about marriage yet. I don’t have a girlfriend. Infact, I’m not a big fan of having a girlfriend. I want to marry someone totally unknown. We will have a lot to know of each other after marriage than. ;)

And yeah, about the break. I think this break of 3 to 4 hours from everything regarding work set you up for the work you are going to do throughout the week. If you don’t take break you might end up burned out before the week ends. Maybe there is a bit of waste of time. But I can sacrifice this waste for the sake of a cheerful mind.

There is a great quote of Alan Cohen about this—

As work is important for your survival, so is rest for a peaceful mind.

These days a peaceful mind is more important to me more than being one hundred percent productive. See you. :)