Hey everyone.

I have just came across a very interesting concept. It's about decisive moments.

Imagine that you have just came to your favorite restaurant. You will give order now. You are standing in front of the cash counter and thinking to yourself, “What shall I order today?” Suddenly hamburger with extra cheese caught your eyes and you decide to order this.

But, hey wait.. doctor told you to not eat hamburger. You are gaining excessive weight.

You think to yourself, “Well, I’m not having hamburgers everyday. Just during the weekends.” So, you decide to order that hamburger. You pay the cash and take the receipt and you sat somewhere quiet with you extra cheese hamburger.

You take the first bite. You just love it. It didn’t take too long to finish the hamburger. But soon you realize you should have listened to your doctor and not take that hamburger. You are frustrated now.

person making move on brown and black wooden chessboard with pieces

Lets stop here for a second.. you know its too tough too resist the temptation of hamburger. You just can’t. That’s where the power of decisive moment comes up.

Well what is it?

Recall that moment you ask the man at the cash counter, “One hamburger please.” You hand him over the cash, he give you the change and the receipt and showing the receipt you take your hamburger.

But, none of this would have happened if you were a bit careful at one specific moment -  the moment you could have resist yourself and said to the man at the cash counter, “One Cashew-nut salad please.” instead of a hamburger. The rest of the process would have been automatic.

Decisive moments are those small moments when you have to use a lot of will power for a really short amount of time to control what will happen later.

Decisive moments work by resisting temptation for a certain time and blocking the unwanted action automatically.

It’s human nature to not appreciate the power of small things. Decisive moments are one of those small things which has huge impact in our life.

You have no idea how many decisive moments you are missing everyday.

You become great from good when you take control of your decisive moments.